Transfer Credit Equivalencies for Select Study Abroad Programs

This transfer credit database lists courses offered at select Study Abroad programs.
It changes as we add new courses and revise previous evaluations.

UVA course equivalencies listed in the database as 1000T, 2000T, 3000T etc. represent courses that are transferable credit for which we have no precise equivalent. Such courses may be used for degree credit. All courses listed in this database are pre-approved for elective credit only. They may not be used to satisfy College Area Requirements. Departmental approval is required to use these or any other courses for major or minor credit. Department contact information is at

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This database is not a comprehensive list of course offerings, but rather courses for which a UVA equivalent has already been determined. You may take courses not listed in this database. If you wish to take a course in the database, enter the program and equivalent UVA course information on your Transfer Credit Approval Form. If the course you are interested in is not listed you should contact College Study Abroad, at

All matriculated students MUST submit a signed Transfer Credit Approval Form in their UVA Education Abroad Application. Forms may be turned into the Education Abroad office in Minor Hall after they are signed.

For more information about transfer of credit policies in the College of Arts and Sciences, see